Friday, August 3, 2007

Amsterdam Stags

Walk the streets of Amsterdam on a weekend and you are likely to run across at least one stag or hen party (for you Americans, that's bachelor/bachelorette). Here's a group of guys that we quickly shot having fun last weekend (sorry for the poor photo quality).

For obvious reasons Amsterdam is a popular destination for both natives and foreigners. Just google "stag party in amsterdam" and you'll be amazed at the number of travel agencies offering packages.

Generally the man/woman of honor is dressed in an obnoxious outfit. Having a few biertjes or jenevers generally helps to get over the embarrassment, as is probably the case with this guy.


Jules said...

Australians would love this - we are so into "bucks" and "hens" nights.

But sometimes the fun can go too far -like the guy who sobered up and found himself in New Zealand. His mates denied everything and his financee didn't speak to him until their 2nd wedding anniviersary.

Sunkyoung said...

I'd tried jenever once and it was almost as strong as vodka to me.