Friday, August 31, 2007

Post #99 Nieuwe Haring

Leading up to tomorrow's post, which will be #100 and September Theme Day! Thanks to all who've visited and left comments!

Now, for the picture. If you haven't been to The Netherlands you might not be aware of nieuwe haring ("new herring") ...
1. Take one fresh herring, quickly cleaned and doused with chopped raw onions
2. Stab it with the small pick (provided)
3. Tilt your head back
4. Let it slide down your throat (chewing optional)
5. Look satisfied, either because you like the taste or just because you were brave enough to try it.

Since this herring eater was already being photographed at close quarters by his friend, I was able to catch him in the act. It's not always easy to get candid pictures of this very Dutch tradition. I hope one year to be able to get some shots at the annual haring festival (Vlaggetjesdag, held in nearby Scheveningen).

Here are some other pics from the haring stand at the Antique Fair in The Hague.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound good to me to eat. But then I love sardines in mustard and to many people they find the smell awful. To each his own I guess.

Olivier said...

demain le grand jour, comme le weekend je n'ouvre pas mon ordinateur, je te souhaite avec un jour d'avance, un joyeux 100th post et surtout bonne continuité

tomorrow the great day, as the weekend I do not open my computer, I wish you with one day in advance, a merry 100th post and especially good continuity

Neva said...

I am pretty confident that this would NOT be something I would do! And 100 posts will be in Madison tomorrow. not sure about the computer availability so I will congratulate you now!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi R&R,
So you're back form where-ever you were? At lest you posted more last days than before, Did I tell you already in 1 of my comments that I've been born in The Hague?

About the "Haring" YAK No! I am Dutch but I do NOT like Haring at all. No give me 'cheese' or 'hagelslag' or 'drop' and I am completely satisfied.... :) haha!

I LOVE your blog very much because its brings back all memories of places 'where I've been' in Holland and you are great!!!! In describing Holland, I couldn't do it better than you!

You are doing a very very great job, I like you blog.

Thanks for visiting my blog also you are very welcome, maybe I can give you an 'idea' of how Dutch people see Holland or other countries?

Have a great weekend and visit my blog anytime, I will come back to yours...

:) JoAnn

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

:) Me again,
Whats the matter with your cat? I Hope its nothing serious?

Best wishes for your cat :) JoAnn

Keropok Man said...

I would like to try it!

It would be like sashimi ya?
The preserved herring I tried before is delicious too.

bluechic said...

I'd try it, maybe

isabella said...

Yes, I'd like an award for trying the haring on our last visit to Amsterdam (even though I burped it all day long ;-)) No, did not like it...
But I loved the broodjes - steak tartare with onions. Lost count how many I had ;-)

Looks like you enjoy being expats in NL - do you speak Dutch?
Although, in our experience, everyone we met spoke great English!

Thanks for vsiting my blogs and your kind comments!