Friday, November 9, 2007

Fall at De Paauw

The De Paauw estate sits on the main thoroughfare that connects Wassenaar to The Hague.

It was built around 1840 by Prince Frederik and now serves as the Wassenaar town hall.

This is the view to the back of the building from the surrounding forest, which is now a pleasant public area to walk & bike.


Anonymous said...

Incredible. What a magnificent view. And the colors and setting is just perfect.

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Wassenaar.
I love your pictures and check every day to see what else you have posted. I was in Wassenaar during the summer to see my family.
Perhaps you could go to Brabant to Loon op Zand where my father was from and see the small castle that belonged to my family for many years. greetings from california.

bluechic said...

I am echoing Abe's comment--that scene looks so beautiful--like a postcard--love the big ol trees around and the little sprinkle from the fountain

and if you do come by Ogara and Wilson when you are in town, do make a right on the block to the east and walk a little bit to the blue house toward the middle of the block--knock on the door and say hello!

HoodPhotography said...
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HoodPhotography said...

I dont even know what I like best about this picture! The building is of course amazing. The trees changing is great. The fountain/water, perfect. My favorite part tho, I have to say, is the flying leaves. Great shot.

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Great place and building ehh?
I haven't seen them all, that prooves your blog to me thanks for showing!

BTW;) we/I leave for a week to paris for my birthday ,and our 20th anniversary, I left a
slideshow from my last nature-works, Leaving-leaves, please take a look,

Miss you JoAnn :)