Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Trailing Tram

Christmas lights in The Hague, as seen through a passing tram.
Enlarging the photo reveals more details, including tram sparks and a hidden observer.


Deslilas said...

Nice photo. May be I'm not totally objective as a previous public transport manager.

I plan to change my URL for the blog Brienne la Vieille previously
http://brienne-la-vieille-dailyphoto.over-blog.com and move it to blogspot which has more possibilities I think.
For several weeks I'll send posts on the two blogs.
The new one was launched this morning with

Thanks for taking note of this modification.

Daniel Chérouvrier alias Deslilas

WendyB said...


ro_pumpkin said...

so cool ! i love all the hidden details , the see-through , you have to look carefuly at the picture to discover it . great !

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

A VERY cool shot! You ROCK! I love this.