Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Queen's Day in Amsterdam (3)

One of the first signs of Queen's Day are the streetside sales. City residents sell everything: yard-sale items, food, hugs, pie-in-the-face ... you name it, you'll probably see it. This couple, selling various orange items, perfectly captured the spirit of the day.


Anonymous said...

Happy Queen's Day to you all who live in the Netherlands. A nice photograph you took that captures the mood of the moment.

I posted the stinking pig farm that is now powered by the wind.

Andreea said...

god i love queens day! only the dutch can party this hard :)

Dick said...

Hee dat is grappig ik heb ook wat foto's van de Amsterdamse koninginnedag op mijn blog gezet. Ik vond het heel gezellig. Ik ga je blog nog nader bekijken.