Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Green River

I don't know if "greenness" is a word, but that's what caught my eye during one of our evening walks around Wassenaar. Many canals here are covered with algae, but this has to be one of the longest that I've seen totally green. Even the stick floating in the canal is covered in the stuff.


Anonymous said...

Here, where I live, my brother-in-law lives in a community of lakes. Houses and lakes everywhere. And the lakes were like this several years ago. The home owners complained to the association and they spent thousands of dollars on chemicals to get rid of the algae without harming the fish and other animals. It is quite beautiful now. I would think a canal with no flow would breed algae and be a source of mosquitos. It makes a pretty picture.

Nikolaj Masnikov said...

"greenness" is a word now :-)

Dick said...

I think it is "Eendenkroos".