Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Tale of Deux Villes

We like the art nouveau detail on this building in The Hague. Especially the fantastic metalwork on the balcony and the green tiles over the archway (bottom of photo).

This building sits on the Buitenhof, or "outside court," opposite the Binnenhof ("inside court," where Parliament sits). From what I can tell (based on the internet and my limited translation skills), it sits on the site of the former offices of the two cities of Alkmaar and Enkhuisen from the days when the cities of the republic had representatives that influenced the government. At the turn of the century it was a hotel, now it is a movie theater.
Note: Alkmaar coat of arms at the top left, Enkhuizen top right (sorry for cutting you off, Enkhuizen!)


Wendy said...

I like the reflection of the sky and trees in the windows. It is a nice building.

NorthBayPhoto said...

Nice photo. The reflection of the trees in the windows is great.

Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog. The archway had been moved to the park sometime in the '60s but it is not to far from it's original location.

travelphilippines said...

i love that building.