Monday, October 8, 2007

Wassenaar war monument

Last in our series on graves & cemeteries that began with this month's theme day. But don't worry, this is a favorite subject so there'll be more in the future.

On the Wassenaar beach stands this monument, in memory of French commandos killed during WWII. I found the following information from the commemoration in 2004:

On Friday (27 February) a military ceremony was held at the Trépel monument on the Wassenaarse Slag in memory of the six French commandos killed there during a reconnaissance action in February 1944. Veteran commandos, marines and former crew members of the motor torpedo boat involved in the operation gathered at the monument, named after the unit commander, Captain Charles Trépel, at the beach in Wassenaar to pay tribute to the men killed in action.

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Neva said...

What a great memorial.