Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Brugge, Belgium: Where?Wednesday

Two themes in one today: our Wednesday travel feature and leading up to Halloween.

We're in Brugge/Bruges, the picturesque town in Belgium Flanders. This scary gargoyle doesn't spit water from the roof of a church or castle. Instead, he sits guard in one of Belgium's fantastic chocolate shops. In fact, he is carved not of stone but of chocolate. Warding off evil spirits with the threat of a heckuva stomach ache, perhaps?

Finally, we're getting around to the fact that over the last week or so we've been tagged by no less than four CDPBs: Inverness, Mainz, Hilo, and Rotterdam.
The "rules" of tagging:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

So here goes, 8 facts you probably didn't (and might not want to) know.
  1. RandR refers to Rich and Rochelle. He doing most of the SLR photography and writing, she wielding a mean point & shoot and art directing. That's why I'm very sloppy with our personal pronouns in blog posts.
  2. We met by bumping into each other during college marching band practice. No musical instruments were harmed in the incident.
  3. We were married in Charleston, SC, in the home of the 2nd Supreme Court Chief Justice, Governor of SC and signer of the Constitution. In case you're wondering, all of that happened much earlier than our visit.
  4. If we were super rich we would probably spend our time touring all of the world's wine regions.
  5. We're living in The Netherlands because Rochelle works for an extremely large multinational consumer goods firm headquartered in Rotterdam.
  6. What we miss living here: family & friends, good mexican food and fancy maki rolls. And buying good tequila here really breaks the bank ... doesn't anyone in europe want to grow blue agave?
  7. What we like about living here: the ability to travel, the history, the inquisitive people, inexpensive wine and half naked TV commericals (not necessarily in that order).
  8. Our first plane ride was on our way to tour Germany with our college musical group. That's probably where our love for travel (among other things) blossomed.
As part of the tag, we're supposed to tag 8 other blogs. I'm going to exclude those who've already written a tag or haven't responded to a previous tag request, so there are less than 8 listed here. I'll start with a challenge for our adopted home of Chicago: Inverness has already been tagged, so how about the other 3 blogs from the Windy City: Chicago Flair, Chicago Daily, and Nunda/Crystal Lake. And recent commenters North Bay, Brienne-La-Ville, Texel, and of course JoAnn. You're it.


JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hahaha! R&R,
Well.... thanks for tagging me I feel very honored:), but now I'm tagged twice! :) well ummmm I'm tagged by YOU and Lezard (from The Hague-blog),you both tagged me, thanks a lot. haha!

Well I stay postive an I will do my very best, to say something personal, if its allright with you and lezard, I first finish some of my Italy stories, (but I will name I'm tagged)I will also name 8 personal points for you and lezard and choose 8(or 16?) others to tagg.haha They are on next!

May I ask you, are you female or male? Just to know, because you name that you are here because of Ms R. Are you female than? (i'm really intersted) Just curious.....

Btw please answer this Question on my blogg comments?, thanks for your always being interested in my blog, I'm always interested in your blog & travelstories too. :)

JoAnn Greetings:)

Rambling Round said...

A chocolate gargoyle! What wonderful taste!

NorthBayPhoto said...

Thanks for the tag. So you noticed that I don't mind when it gets -40°C. I guess that comes from growing up in the north - you either learned to love winter and the cold or you just didn't have any fun! Drive to school on a snowmachine. Or go into a convenience store wearing a balaclava and it isn’t looked upon as being unusual or sinister but rather just prudent winter wear! Though the past few years, it has not been cold as it was as a child.

Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog.

bluechic said...

Thanks for the tag...I'll do it tonight...come see then? This was a fun read and now I'm wondering what to post myself...

oh yeah, love that chocolate gargoyle!

isabella said...

Having lived in Paris for a few years I totally agree with #7!
However, I must add "good cheese and bread" (well, it was France, after all ;-))

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

COol shot! HA! I'm so glad you didn't tag me as I have already been tagged 4 times and I dunno if I can come up with 8 more facts.

(North Bay has already been tagged, too!)

Neva said...

I love your facts....thanks for playing along...such a sweet story..I , too was in the marching band. These last few weeks going to Illinois games I have really enjoyed their is pretty good. This past weekend was Homecoming and they had about 150 past band members marching. It was awesome....maybe that is in your alls future.!!! Love visiting your blog....and enjoying seeing the world through your point and me!!!

Deslilas said...

Thanks for tagging, I discover it yesterday coming back from a short trip to the french Alpes near Bourg St Maurice, La Plagne and Tignes. The colours were astonishing.