Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Australia in Holland

Behind the Hotel de Gouden Leeuw (the golden lion) in the neighboring town of Voorschoten is a set of bird enclosures. We have no idea why they are there ... an attraction for the hotel, or a personal collection, perhaps? In any event the emus were very curious. Love the Trump hairdo.


Anonymous said...

Trump hairdo? LOL That is funny. Donald Trump would die for that much hair. His fold-over is so bad.

I like your photograph this morning and picked it out first on the portal as the first place to visit. That it is alive and not a door knob helped in the selection.

I don't know enough about these birds but have studied them in the past. I just forget.

Abraham Lincoln
Just a Lily today, plus a shaft of sunshine on my oak tree. A blessing for a bountiful crop — I hope.
Brookville Daily Photo

Kate said...

Had to laugh when I saw it. More like Little Richard than Trump.

Nathalie said...

Brilliant photo !!! Very clear, crisp and the emu has a great hair-do indeed!