Thursday, June 7, 2007

Water Lily

The town of Giethoorn borders the nature area of De Wieden. The little electric boat we rented is just powerful enough to tour the lake as well as the canal and nature areas. Luckily the water was still enough that we were able to capture this water lily from the boat.

Also, in regards to A.L.'s comment on Tuesday's post, here's a different shot where I adjusted the contrast and converted it to b/w (click to enlarge). It is true, the silhouette "disappears" and you can see the white underside of the stork's wings. Thanks for writing!


Irina said...

Water lilies are most beautiful flowers in the world! Nice photograph, I like the clearness and pure colours.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots. I like them. And I also think you were referring to me about the undersides of the bird's wings. I have the same experience with our large Turkey Buzzards or Vultures. They look totally black when photographed but a little lightening in the gray areas brings out the details nicely.

Nice work.

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Omaheña said...

I love water lilies! Nice shot!!
thanks for visiting my site!
I almost forgot about the movie About Schmidt...I'll have to rent it. My mom saw him in a shopping center when they were filming. She was in a restaurant and they were filming close by.