Wednesday, June 27, 2007

War Reminders

The Persijnhof is a Jewish cemetery in the Wassenaar neighborhood of Kerkehout. Separated from the main road by an access road, it's not something you'd find unless you lived in the area or were specifically seeking it out. We found it on one of our evening bike rides.

Many WWII vicitims are buried in the cemetery. According to the gravestone, Bernhard Kahn died in Auschwitz. I'm not very good with dutch translations, but the gravestone loosely translates as "a reminder," so I'm not sure if Mr. Kahn was moved here or if this marker is put here in his memory.
Knowing the horrible fate of the people interred in Auschwitz, my guess would be the latter.


Dick said...

I think it is only a memory-stone but I'm not sure, but it is wat the text say's.

Carol E. said...

So sad I feel at a loss for words. But I am thankful you shared it with us.

Anonymous said...

I am almost sure he would have lived in your city and was transported to the concentration camp where he was killed.

That stone shows me that those kinds of sick minds existed in Nazi Germany.

I find that whole period of history mind boggling.

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