Thursday, June 28, 2007

Resting place

The older section of the Jewish cemetery Persijnhof in Wassenaar. This section is left very natural, with high grasses and no carefully gardened plots.
We'll stay on the theme tomorrow, as part of an unintentional cemetery series. We find cemeteries to be quite interesting ... sometimes you can learn quite a bit about an area from a quick visit to the local cemetery. And often they are beautiful and peaceful places.


Anonymous said...

I like your picture of the Jewish cemetery. I also like to watch television programs showing archeology and recent ones have shown them digging up buried Egyptians. Some of the bones are put in museums. I have always wondered if people would think it OK to dig up people in the old cemeteries and put the bones they find on display?

The point is that a "final" resting place turns out to be a kind of supermarket for old bones to fill museums.

I really don't think it is right but then I have no voice in the option.

What do you think?

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Dick said...

O, yes I like cemeteries because they have so much to tell us.