Sunday, September 2, 2007

Theme Day Runner-Up

While this sign might be familiar to Nederlanders, and possibly to Europeans, it really confused us the first time we saw it. I mean, what is it trying to say ... it seems like everything just thrown onto one sign! But seeing it did make us do a little more reviewing of the road signs, and it turns out that it means that you are entering a mixed use "recreation" area. The rule is you are supposed to drive at walking pace (which does not seem to be the practice).


Neva said...

too cute!

Natasha said...

It means Residential Area or Pedestrian Priority Zone.

Cars may not go faster than 15 km ("stapvoets") and have to stop for any pedestrian. As well, cars have to use a parking space to stop and/or park.

And then there are rules about entering such a zone and leaving one. Fun stuff.

Jeremy said...

Man .. that has got to be a "pictogram" wonder ... an eclectic mix that appears to cover every conceivable situation ... ot interpretation .. well done .. and cheers from downunder