Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Where?Wednesday -- Edam

As Homer Simpson would say, "mmmmmm, cheeeese"

Edam is one of the famous Dutch "cheese cities" and although it's probably a stop on many tour buses, it has character without being too touristy (at least for us).

Including the name of the store, you can now say cheese in 6 languages. And the multilingualism (yes, that is a word, at least to blogger's spellcheck) didn't stop with the sign ... we heard at least 4 languages while we were there.

Don't worry, we didn't leave without buying some delicious aged and smoked cheeses.

This is the first in a series of Where?Wednesday. Since we tend to hop around a bit, we'll feature a shot from places around The Netherlands every Wednesday, at least until our stock of NL travel photos runs out.

And thanks to JoAnn for nominating this blog for an "inspiration award." We appreciate her frequent visits and comments!


Rambling Round said...

I'd sure like to visit this shop. What kind of cheeses did you buy?

Abraham Lincoln said...

Nice photo. I like the idea of a cheese shop. Something we don't have here. Our cheese is sold somewhere in the supermarkets, prepackaged.

R&R in The Netherlands said...

Rambling: we bought a big wheel of aged edam, and a tube of smoked goat ... and they're delicious!
Abraham ... we have more than enough cheese in our supermarkets too ... and yet even here in our small town we have 2 cheese stores.