Saturday, February 2, 2008

More "Thinking of..."

Thanks to all who commented on yesterday's theme day photo, "When People Think of My City They Think of..."

I'm still viewing the other participating sites ... with the CDPB community constantly growing, it takes longer each month!

If you read any of the comments from yesterday, especially the ones from our dutch neighbors, you might have realized that Wassenaar is considered to be an upscale area. Some people would call it downright "rich." When we tell dutch people we live in Wassenaar, we have to say "in a normal house," else they assume we are moneybags (which we definitely aren't). "Geen kasteel" we often say (no castle). There's a specific reason many expats live here, which we'll reveal in a few days time.

There's no denying the town does have its share of big estates. The prince and princess live here, and other royalty have in the past. The pic above (taken last autumn) shows DePaauw, built around 1840 by Prince Frederick and now serving as town offices. The "estate" surrounding the building is a beautiful park. Many of the large estates in Wassenaar have been repurposed as embassies, given that we are so close to the government in The Hague.

So this is the type of image that many people have when they think of Wassenaar. We'll continue with this "theme" for a few more days.


Jim said...

The home is very nice. Are you sure its not yours?

kunal bhatia said...

i can see why this area is thought to be quite rich...
quite an innovative idea to continue the theme photos over the week
- Mindless Mumbai

Anonymous said...

Money Bags>>>hadn't heard that for years. My dad used to carry a money bag instead of a wallet. It had a drawstring and all and my mother used to have to make new one for him as the change would wear them out fast.

Nice home. Is that your house, money bags?

Lezard said...

Don't worry about Wassenaar being home to a range of "nouveaux riches". Had you read the July 2006 issue of the Quote magazine? Then you had views of the main estates in Wassenaar....Anyway, I'm sure it is a very nice place to live. I'd be curious to know how many expats live there. Nice photo btw.

Neva said...

I almost posted the same about Inverness on Theme day...that it is a place that is upscale.... we are on the low part of that scale...but I didn't want to upset the neighbors!