Friday, February 22, 2008

No Jason Dittle!

If you've seen this on the City Daily Photo Blog portal and clicked through, you might have some questions. I have done my best to anticipate -- and answer -- your questions.

Q. Who is Jason Dittle? A. I have no idea. He left a comment on yesterday's blog, but his Blogger profile provided no additional information about him. So evidently he is a coward.

Q. Why say "no" to Jason Dittle? A. Jason Dittle (pseudonym or not) is a spammer. His comment on yesterday's post, which I chose to delete, was "hey, here is the site i was talking about where i made the extra cash.....this site......"

Q. What's the big deal? A. I spend time and effort on this blog. And I appreciate the comments that viewers leave, even though I don't always have as much time as I'd like to respond to those comments. So I really don't have the patience to deal with spam comments.

I googled "Jason Dittle" and saw that "he" left the same comment on a large number of blogs, the authors of which might be as annoyed as I am.

Jason Dittle is the focus of my frustration with all spam, including the 20-or-so emails that arrive each day proclaiming that I have won the UK National Microsoft Yahoo BMW Coca-Cola Lottery or that the Honorable Attorney for Abishmu Mulalahalla O'Brien needs me to URGENTLY REPLY so that I can inherit hundreds of thousands of dollars. Strangely, all of these people seem to think that I am stupid enough to send them my bank account information.

Q. So, what can one do about it? A. I am still resisting the urge to disallow anonymous comments, but that will change if the trend continues. But please be aware that most blog services have a policy and a way with dealing with spammers. Blogger has a comment policy that forbids spam, so I reported Jason Dittle's blog address. I urge any other victims to do the same.

One of Jason Dittle's other victims was witty enough to respond to the comment, saying "Thanks Jason Dittle, I usually peruse blog comment pages for ways to make extra money..."

I only wish it were possible to respond to Jason Dittle personally ... with a comment not fit for public viewing.


Hyde DP said...

I *was* just a little curious - we do have to be careful about these people - you are right to give a warning from time to time.
I've found cases of blogs that have lifted chunks of old posts but they can't be contacted and I really wonder why they've bothered sometimes.

Ineke said...

More power to you Rich!

Lezard said...

I have been deleted one comment a day for more than a week now (the "see here" comments from different users), and starts to find this very annoying as well. Hope it'll stop very soon!

Dick said...

Not nice, maybe it's better to use word verification!!!!!!

Gordon said...

Such a pity that these things happen; thanks for the warning.

Mo said...

Thanks for the info!