Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Easy Money? (1)

There are some pretty strange street performers in Amsterdam's Dam Square. This quasi-Neptune-guy was making money snatching the hats off of kids heads. I don't really get it, but the kids loved it. As you can see by this boy's smile ... and the coins going in the bucket for the next kid. Check back for more street performers throughout the week.


Isadora said...

I've seen such street 'performers' but they usually stand still and be a 'statue'

Why would somebody pay to have their hat snatched off their heads? Perhaps parents don't play with them at home? If he did that to me i would worry about my hair :) and pay him with a dirty look.

Ineke said...

Does that kid actually have a barcelona scarf? Coz the street artist immediately reminded me of the Ramblas in Barcelona.

I think the act may have arisen spontaneously. Some kid probably approached him to take a close look and the guy grabbed the occasion and snatched the hat. Seeing the result, he continued.

Still, i could be way off here.

Ben said...

I love this, great!
Expression of kid is very good. You captured perfect moment.

I would try drastically crop and concentrate the performer and this kid's expression. It might gives some different view but may loose some of this atmosphere. I still think worth a try though.

Excellent photo.

kasia said...

In Poland ,in many big cities there are lots of people-statues like this one but I think that this "quasi-Neptune-guy" is absolutely extraordinary.I'm going do come to Holland mid June,and I hope he'll be still there...... :)

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

That's a smart dude. Well... Maybe he isn't that smart after all. ;D

R&R in The Netherlands said...

Thanks, all for commenting.

Ben, I did look at a different crop, for the "story" I liked keeping in the other boy putting the money in the bucket, even though it was partially blocked. As a stand-alone, it does indeed look better cropped in a bit tighter on the child with the scarf and the performer. Thanks for the suggestion.