Monday, March 3, 2008

Not-so-blank canvas

Thanks to all who visited and commented on our theme day post. We're just returning from a weekend away and it'll be a few days before we can check out all of the theme day photos!

This is another shot at the same location as Friday's post. The guy was texting on his cell phone as he approached the building, but he put it away moments before he walked in front of the building. It would have made for an interesting juxtaposition against the scene from the mural. Oh well, you can't plan such things.

In this photo you can see the scale of the mural and the enormous amount of graffiti at street level. The mural itself probably invites graffiti, or as mentioned in the comments from Friday it's possible that this building is occupied by squatters.


Mo said...

A great shot.

Isadora said...

You know, I really like this - not as art, but it is colorful and the dude looks as though he IS in the mural. You should have waited for another step he took before pushing the button :)

Hyde DP said...

thanks for this extra shot and the "nearly"
now that this comment box has covered up the guy and only the bottom half of the picture is visible on my screen, I've noticed what looks like steps towards a drawbridge and castle and by the side the figure of woman - there is a huge amount of detail which you can't see all at once.