Thursday, March 13, 2008

Waiting Game

What were these two dogs waiting for? The lip-smacking should give you a hint.

Their master was inside the Hollandse Nieuwe Haring stand just outside of the Binnenhof (houses of parliament) in The Hague. This must be a routine stop for them, as they really knew what they were waiting for.

After coming out and giving them both a bit of fish, their master went back inside the stand for a second, leaving a tempting sight (you can't tell, but the dog is at the end of it's leash).


Anonymous said...

I think the dog wanted you to let him have more leash so he could get the temptation. Nice photographs. Very nice animals.

Neva said... know me....I just love dogs.....what a charming picture!
and funny.:)

b.c. said...

oh that's a cool series, nice photos--they look well behaved too

guild-rez said...

ahh..dogs, I just love them..
We don't have a dog. But one of my neighbours dog, a black Labrador adopted me and we share many beautiful walks together.

Deslilas said...

Fine dogs, I had a small dog which looked like these for many years, She was born in South Tunisia where we lived for two years and had followed us in France.
May be I should go to Netherlands to meet a new one.