Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not Teasing Today

Today's Lesson: How to put on your own sideshow in 4 illustrated steps!

1. Capture the crowd's attention with your look. Consider something that might intimidate people --like body piercing, tattoos and a leather skirt. Create a "performance space" ... for example, standing on a pile of broken glass is a unique attention-getter.
2. Get the crowd's attention by taking off your shirt. Enhancing the look with nipple rings and more tattoos is an added bonus.
3. Start to "gross out" the crowd. You might try sewing some string through belly. Tugging on the thread, thereby stretching your skin, will induce a loud "eeewww" from the crowd.
4. Gross out the crowd even more by tying a heavy staple gun to your skin, then letting it swing like a pendulum. More "eeewwwwwws" will certainly follow.
Once you've mastered these steps, you can go on to other things, like tying objects to your nipples and twirling around. Or hammering a large nail into your nostril.

Your big money moments will come when you introduce crowd participation into your act. Have someone pay for the privilege of using the aforementioned staple gun to put staples directly into your body. Or lie face down on the broken glass and have someone pay to stand on your head.

You get the idea. All in a day's work. Hope you've enjoyed yesterday's teaser and today's follow-up lesson.

(Note: I had one report of the picture not showing on the post. If anyone else notices this problem, please leave a comment or send an email (see address under "check out


Jim said...

For some reason todays picture didnt show up, but I could see the small version in the portal. Not sure I want to see it, the description is enough for me.

Dick said...

I see the picture. This is a way to make money and I think they really do, but I think it's nothing for me to do.

Ineke said...

I would be to grossed out to give money, it would drive me away from the scene. Still, it makes up a good set of photo's :)

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes'NL said...

Hi R%R

Oooorghhh what a man , this really giveme the hickups hahahah

Hi R& R about my bog: Its NOT that I never will write in DUTCH on my blog anymore, when more people ( like you) like the Dutch language I will do/add it again...

So keep watching:)

david mcmahon said...

He's a class act - I mean, a glass act!!

R&R in The Netherlands said...

Thanks, all, for commenting. There are some interesting street performers in Amsterdam -- to say the least!

David, your comment had me in shards!

Kim said...

Amazing what goes public for money now. This is in the spirit of carney and sideshows with a heavy punk/sm vibe thrown in for shock effect. Yikes. I believe his leather kilt is from a Seattle company called Utilikilt.
Seattle Daily Photo

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Poor guy, the drugs are turning his brain into pulp.

Mo said...

Wow, his mother must be so proud.

Mo said...

Wow, his mother must be so proud.

Neva said...

And to think he actually PAID someone to make him look like boggles the mind. and I thought there were some strange things here....he definitely needs either more drugs or more brains....and add my one big "ewwwwwwww" to this.