Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Rode Kruis

This candidate for July theme day would have been another "what's red about it?" post. If you look closely (or click the photo for a larger version) you can see a banner stretched across the windmill. Last week was collection week for the Netherlands Red Cross.

We've supported the Red Cross ever since our apartment building in suburban Chicago burned down 16 years ago. They immediately set up shop and helped the displaced residents with food and temporary living accomodations. They provide an invaluable service to people who suffer in disasters big and small.

And it's always good to have an excuse to take another photo of our Wassenaar windmill "Windlust."


Anonymous said...

Nice windmill and red cross banner. I didn't see it until I clicked for the larger version.

Odd about the red cross. Sometimes they do great things for people and at other times they refuse to do anything. My mother was very poor and pregnant with me and wanted some breakfast cereal to eat. She asked the red cross lady for enough money to buy a box of Corn Flakes and they refused her.

From that day on, she refused to donate money to the Red Cross.

I have not found them to be that way but then I never was that hungry or had to ask for something to eat.

Abraham Lincoln
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Read about Japanese Beetles

Tara said...

I had always thought of the Red Cross as providing disaster relief after hurricanes, until a few years ago when there was a series of house fires in Baton Rouge. RC provided for motel rooms for families to stay and clothing.

AlohaTrevella said...

That is such a neat windmill, I like the cottages too...what is that roofing material?
As far as the Red Cross, (Rode Kruis? Cool!) I guess its important to remember that the organization is one thing...but it still employs individuals, and as we all know, some people can be horses rear ends (no offense to the horses), sad that the time Abrahams mother needed help and understanding…she received a generous portion of grief instead...note to self: Always be aware of how my actions may have a long term affect on others, positive or negative!

lv2scpbk said...

Nice photo.

Janet said...

Great windmill. Glad the Red Cross helped you out after the fire.

Susan said...

Wonderful old windmill. Very sutle red theme. I ;ile it.
Abe lincolns story was a sad one! I like to think they have grown since that time.
Thanks for your comment on my theme day photo.